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Bliinx helps you engage the right leads at the right time based on how they're interacting with your messages, your brand and your product.


Revenue pros close & retain more customers with blindspots

It's getting harder to grab prospects' attention.

Why are you still using generic sales automation?

Juggle prospecting, reaching out and client follow-ups like a champ. No generic automation involved.


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Bliinx finds blindspots and revenue signals


Act on revenue insights from your workflow

Bliinx set follow-up from meeting

Manage lots of deals without dropping the ball

Bliinx notifies you when deals are at risk or when you forget to follow-up on conversations.

Bliinx AI recommendations dashboard

Know when to reach out to maximize engagement

Bliinx tells you when users or prospects are ready to buy based on product actions, marketing signals and deal insights.

Bliinx Slack integration

10X your productivity

Most sales tools are a pain to use.

Bliinx works where you do and makes manual touchpoints fast and scalable.

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Join hundreds of sales-pros crushing quota with Bliinx

"In the first week of using blindspots, I saved a deal from being lost!" 

Jonathan Chatel, Director of Sales

👋 I'm Fred, founder of Bliinx.

Glad you got this far down the page 😉

Did you know that 20% of revenue opportunities fall through cracks because reps don't engage leads when they should?

Yup - while it's easier to reach out to more people with sales automation, it's harder to get people's attention (yup - we all hate generic sales emails!).

Most SaaS revenue teams have two challenges with prioritizing who they engage and when they reach out:

  • They have data but not actionable insights.
  • They shoot in the dark with one-size-fits-all automation.

That's why we've built Bliinx - to help reps turn more leads into customers by engaging the right leads at the right time, based on how they interact with the product, marketing content and sales touchpoints.

We're still in beta, but have already helped hundreds of sales pros save deals from drowning and find new revenue opportunities.

I'd love for you to give it a try!

Fred Melanson Founder of Bliinx

Most sales tools are made for managers. Not this one.

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