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Your AI Sales Assistant

More meetings booked. Less manual work. No generic sequences.

Made to work for you, not your boss.

  • Free forever. No credit card required. Get started in seconds.

We believe in meaningful business connections. They do too.

Finally, a collaborative tool that enables our teams to share contacts and interactions. A must for every people-driven organization.

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Fred Boucher

COO and CFO, Innovitech

With Bliinx, I gain insights into how my teams are interacting with clients, without them having to manually log anything.

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Jonathan Tremblay

Partner, Talsom 

No need to change how you work.

Bliinx sits into your apps and boosts your relationships.

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Bliinx set follow-up from meeting

Less time managing follow-ups. More meetings booked.

From an email, meeting, Slack channel, CRM record or LinkedIn profile, set smart reminders to keep opportunities from slipping 🚀

Our follow-ups update themselves based on your interactions so you don't have to manage them.

Bliinx AI recommendations dashboard

Our AI catches blindspots and recommends next steps

We look for emails without replies, deals not moving, hidden opportunities, and more!

You can't catch everything...

Bliinx notification in Slack

Reminders in your work tools. Easy to act on and win.

You're busy. You want as many prospects as possible.

We tell you when to engage. Right from where your work.

Bliinx contact profile on the web app

One unified platform for contacts and interactions. No data entry.

We catch all contacts and companies found in your communication and customer tools. Uncover insights and new opportunities.

  • Who do we know at ____?
  • Who's been interacting with the ____ deal?
  • Where are we dropping the ball?

Built to empower customer-facing teams⚡

Task management

Sales teams

Avoid dropped balls and remove admin tasks from your workday.


Customer Success

More efficient handoffs and proactive follow-ups to delight clients.


Sales Leaders

Happy teams. More data in the CRM. Actionable insights to close more.


Professional Services

Handle business development without affecting billables.

Boost your existing tools without adding work.

Not another tool to learn...? Nop! We're a plugin that sits into your workflow.


Accelerate your business 🚀

Why would you leave opportunities on the table?

  • Try Bliinx for free forever.
  • No credit card required.