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Turn more users into customers

Find the hottest accounts for your revenue team to chase based on how users engage with your product and marketing content.

In minutes. Without code!

They grow product-led sales with Bliinx

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Close more high-value accounts 🔥

Know who's ready to become a customer by tracking how leads engage with your product, website, social media content and your messages. 

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Know when to reach out to maximize engagement 💪

Use recent triggers to get in front of leads when they're most likely to respond.

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Book more meetings with effortless personalization 👀

If you know what leads are doing, you know what they care about. Send content that will drive revenue conversations. 

Bliinx AI recommendations dashboard

Reduce churn with "at-risk" signals 😱

Take action when usage decreases, when users stop opening your messages, or when they haven't heard from you in too long.

Bliinx customer testimonial
Bliinx customer testimonial
Bliinx customer testimonial
Bliinx customer testimonial

Less digging through data.

More deals closed. 

👋 I'm Fred, founder of Bliinx.

Glad you got this far down the page 😉

The inspiration for Bliinx came while I was building another product.

We had free users coming into the product. I was also running top-down sales.

This meant a TON of leads to engage. I had no clue who to focus on, and would waste a lot of effort on bad leads.

Every time I dug deep into our data analytics dashboards, I would find accounts worth pursuing, but it would take hours of data digging, every time. I was selling with blindfolds on.

We created Bliinx so that product, marketing and sales engagement insights get to customer-facing reps in time rather to stay hidden in a sea of data.

Since then, my time has been spent on high-value accounts, our close rate has spiked and we're able to provide a much better experience to prospects and customers.

The way we're selling software today is changing. And Bliinx exists to power the modern GTM teams.

We're still in beta but accept new customers on a regular basis. I'd love for you to give it a try.

Let me show you (personally) how Bliinx could help 🙂


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