Traditional software sales is dying.

Find the highest value accounts for sales based on product, marketing and sales engagements.


Revenue teams close & retain more customers with Bliinx

Goodbye assumptions. Hello insights.


Connect customer data


Tracks revenue signals


Convert way more accounts

Bliinx set follow-up from meeting

Spot revenue blindspots.

Bliinx notifies you when deals are at risk or when you forget to follow-up on conversations.

Bliinx AI recommendations dashboard

Know when to reach out to maximize engagement

Bliinx tells you when users or prospects are ready to buy based on product actions, marketing signals and deal insights.

Bliinx product blindspots segment

Find the best accounts to focus on

Bliinx bridges the gap between data and actionable insights so your reps focus on the best opportunities.

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Join the movement and grow your revenue faster.

"In the first week of using Bliinx, I saved a deal from being lost!" 

Jonathan Chatel, Director of Sales

👋 I'm Fred, founder of Bliinx.

Glad you got this far down the page 😉

People want to try before they buy. For sales teams, this means FOCUS and TIMING.

Yet 20% of revenue opps fail because reps don't engage when they should.

Most SaaS revenue teams have two challenges with prioritizing who they engage and when they reach out:

  • They have data but not actionable insights.
  • They shoot in the dark with one-size-fits-all automation.

That's why we've built Bliinx - to help reps turn more leads and accounts into customers by knowing who to focus on and when to engage, based on how they interact with your product, marketing and sales touchpoints.

I'd love for you to give it a try!

Fred Melanson, Founder of Bliinx

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