Best emails templates for product-led sales

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🙅‍♂️ Forget about increasing sign-ups. 

🚀 Converting free users into paid customers and retaining them is the real gold mine. 

To illustrate my point, let's compare 3 scenarios for a SaaS charging 20$/user/month with a CAC of 2$/sign up: 

Scenario A - High conversion 

  • 5000 signups per month
  • 20% conversion from free-to-paid
  • 5% churn

Cash after 12 months: $1,186,740 👍

Scenario B - Low churn 

  • 5000 signups per month
  • 10% conversion from free to paid
  • 2% churn

Cash after 12 months: $1,331,120 👍

Scenario C - Lots of sign-ups

  • 10,000 sign ups per month
  • 10% conversion from free to paid
  • 5% churn

Cash after 12 months: $1,066,740 👎

I get it but wait... How is all of this related to email templates? 

Because one smart way that product-led revenue teams boost conversions and retention is by engaging accounts with the right message

***What we see the best PLG startups do is a mix of automated messages with tools like or Hubspot, and high-touch sales interactions with Bliinx. Automated versus high-touch will depend on product engagement and customer fit*** 👇

Qualification matrix PLG

Here are the best email templates for PLG sales (with real examples). 

Congratulate product milestones!

Holey Moley 😲
I see that you're [key product action] like crazy! Awesome job. This will help you [value prop]. 
You're getting pretty close to [paywall or feature limit]. Once you get to [paywall or feature limit], you will [pain of not upgrading]. 
But don't you worry for a SECOND, we've got you covered. 
Share your love of [product] with friends to get [reward]. 
Upgrade to Premium to unlock [pro value prop]. 
Keep rocking! 
OpinionX email template

Build rapport with users with contextual product usage emails

Hey [first name], 
Saw that [usage insight]. It sounds like you're like me - [relatable usage statement]. 
[Contextual question]?
Hugo email template

Engage accounts nearing feature paywalls

[milestone reached]! I'm impressed 😎
From this point on, [pain of not upgrading]. 
There are two ways that you can unlock [value prop of upgrading]: 
💬 Share your love of [product] with friends to get [reward]. 
🆙 Upgrade to Premium to unlock [pro value prop]. 
 I'd love to discuss the benefits of our premium plan if **you have 15 min to spare**. 

Use LinkedIn engagement to book more meetings

Saw that [social engagement insight]. Thank you.  
Would love to [ask] if you have 15 min to spare. Game?
LinkedIn message template

Use website engagement to get people's attention

Hey [Name]! Looks like you've got a sneak peek at [web traffic content].  
Want to hear more? 
Drift lead message

Bridge value gained + case studies to create an upsell

Hey [First name] - I see you [product milestone] with your team! 😎
Should you consider Hugo pro?
The team at [case study] within Hugo.
Let's hop on a call so I can show you how 🙂
Mention business case email example

Reiterate value gained and push an upsell

Hey [First name] - your team has [value created] by tracking product milestones in Bliinx!
Should you consider Bliinx pro?
We see [premium plan ROI] when our customers go from a free plan to a paid plan.
Let's hop on a call so I can show you how 🙂
Email template example plg

Track accounts reaching the aha moment and offer help if steps are missing

Hi [First name],
It looks like you’ve [activation signals completed] but haven’t yet [missing activation signal] - do you need any help or have questions?
Happy to discuss on a call if you’re up for it. Book a time that works here.
Missing activation steps example

Facilitate passing by gatekeepers during activation

I see that you [missing activation signal] and it’s probably because [refer to gatekeepers].
I recorded a quick video that you can share with your [gatekeepers].
Let me know if they have any questions!
Passing by gatekeepers email template

Build user FOMO

Hey there [First name]. 
What do [social proof] all have in common?
You all [emphasize community]. An elite group of [persona] how use [product] to [value prop]. 
Let me show you what they've accomplished so you get there faster! 
warmly email

Manually engage decision makers who sign up


Hey [First name] - Not every day that a [position] signs up ;)
I made this video to introduce myself and Bliinx.
Your team has [ROI] since they got started! 🚀
As an admin, you can now [admin value prop].
[FOMO] our paid plan to [premium value prop], let’s grab a virtual coffee to talk about your goals.
Have a wonderful day,
Decision maker signing up template

Talk about the problem and anchor on premium solution

Before building Bliinx, I was [product pain point]. [result of product pain point]....
Relatable? I’m stoked to see that you’ve decided to sign up and [value prop] with [product].
Did you know that you can [premium feature]?
Let me show you!
Talk about the problem email

Use product usage to send contextual valuable resources

Hi [First name], 
I [role] here at [company], which means I [relatable pain point]. 
If you're [role] too, you know [relatable pain point]. 
[Result of relatable pain point]. 
[What solved the pain point]. 
If you want to [what solved the pain point], here's the link to the article. 
Unstack email

Offer custom onboarding to sign-ups who fit your ICP

Hey [first name]! 
I hope you are having a good experience with your [product] trial. 
To help ensure you are successful, we offer a free onboarding session where we can discuss your specific use case and offer professional advice. 
[Value prop of custom onboarding/demo]. 
To help speed up the process, we recommend the following: 
[Activation steps to complete]
You can book the onboarding session using this link. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. 
Userpilot email

Provide value through content that will help convert

Hey 👋 [name] from [company] here! 
I would love to invite you to [content]. This is an opportunity to [content value prop]. 
You can register here. 
I look forward to seeing you then :) 
OpinionX webinar email

Unlock account blocked in activation flow

Hey [name],
Looks like you're getting the hang of [key product action]! Now it's time to [missing activation step]. [blocker]?
Check out our guide on [missing activation step] or watch this quick walkthrough!
If you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask questions or book some time together.
See ya,
Loom email screenshot

🤩 Feel inspired yet? 

Before I leave you to your day, I wanted to showcase 2 "trendy techniques" that I personally like to boost reply rates

1. Using video and showing your face as much as you can 

collin mitchell LinkedIn message

2. Removing formalities in emails to feel more authentic.

Nathan Latka email

That's it for today folks! 

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