Answered: The 9 biggest AE painpoints

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What are sales reps struggling with?

How can I make my life as a rep easier?

Spoiler: Sales reps whine a lot.

But that doesn't mean you're not leaving $ on the table.

We asked 150 account executives at software companies what their biggest pain points were.

We're giving you the answers so you know where to adjust and which tools you can use to turn those back pains into dancing sales reps.

By dancing, we mean closing of course 😉.

Let's dive in.

Pain #1: Juggling prospecting, reaching out, internal meetings, admin tasks and client follow-up.

30% of a sales rep's time is spent on non-selling activities.

This pain point is about reps not being able to focus.

Quick tips:

  • If you have resources to invest in employees, split ownership between job functions (SDR versus AE versus CSM). It's dangerous to put every responsibility on one role.
  • If you don't have the resources to hire employees, make sure to invest a minimum amount in tools to help your sales reps.
  • Last tip is to connect your tools together! It's THE major reason why juggling happens.

Here are the AE's favourites from our survey👇

Best tools for product-led sales

Pain #2: Knowing when to reach out in order to maximize time and not overwork deals.

Time-based engagement is not enough.

Not anymore.

So randomly sending campaigns with time-based triggers will not go very far.

What this pain point is telling me is: "Ok, but how?"

If you're in a product-led business, you can't engage too early.

If you're marketing or sales-led, you'll waste of lot of effort if you don't follow buying signals.

Quick tips:

  • Understand what are the most valuable buying signals that your prospects can send you (traffic to specific web pages, key product actions, engagement with your social media posts).
  • Actively track those buying signals by connecting Bliinx to your revenue stack.
  • Use tools like (nurture campaigns), Userpilot (In-product experiences) & Bliinx (Nudge sales when prospects reach qualified levels).


Customer io sequence example

Pain #3: Grabbing prospects' attention.

We all want higher responses rates. More booked meetings.

To do so, improve your WHEN and WHAT.

WHEN you engage, which goes back to pain point #2.

And WHAT you engage with.

Quick tips:

In my opinion, the best personalization techniques are:

  • Facts

Information on the leads or accounts like recent news, what's cool about their own solution, sports they're into.

  • Activity

What your leads have been doing in your product, how they've been engaging with your social content, what they've been posting, etc.

  • Being human

Humanizing your touchpoints is super underrated but very powerful. Lemlist's founder is the king at this.

Check out our latest e-book on PLG Sales to learn the best sales humanizing techniques.

Here's a great example 👇

Personalized email example

Pain #4: Managing lots of deals at the same time without dropping the ball.

You need on average 8 follow-ups before you get a sale.

Most reps stop at 3.

When you have lots of new sign-ups per month or over 50 deals to nurture as a rep, it gets easy to focus on big ops and forget about smaller ones.

Quick tip:

  • Set up "at-risk" signals in Bliinx so you can be notified in Slack when deals are falling through cracks, and act accordingly.
Bliinx dashboard overview

Pain #5: Being ghosted by prospects.

No shows are the worst.

I hate them as much as you. Nothing much to add here 😅.

Quick tip:

Pain #6: Knowing which leads to focus on.

This is a big one if your business is marketing or product-led.

Sales reps need to know which accounts are the most likely to turn into paying customers.

If you only follow basic qualifiers when it comes to sending leads to sales, you'll risk them wasting time on bad leads or sign-ups who could've converted by themselves.

Quick tip:

  • Set up "Hot" signals (Product Qualified Account, for example) in Bliinx so your sales reps know which leads/accounts are the most likely to buy and remain customers.
Bliinx hot accounts

Pain #7: Finding good information to personalize outreach.

View #3 above and go for Info, Activity and Humanizing.

No need to waste your valuable time by repeating myself.

Scroll ☝️

Pain #8: Updating contacts and data entry to my CRM.

We've all been there. On a Friday afternoon. Wanting to start the weekend, but one little thing remains.

One thing that managers won't stop reminding us about: logging info in the CRM! 😩

Quick tip:

  • If you're using Salesforce, you need to check our friends at and Scratchpad.

Pain #9: Lack of visibility on how leads engage with the product and marketing content.

The easiest way to sell software is to understand what prospects care about solving, and what they're trying to achieve.

That information can usually be found in the actions they're taking in your free product.

The posts they engage with on social media.

Or the pages they visit on your website.

The problem is, that information is rarely available to sales reps.

We're trying to fix this.

Because the way software is sold is changing, for good.

Quick tip:

  • Use Bliinx send product and marketing engagement insights to your CRM.
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Love those tips?

Have a wonderful day 🤩


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