There should be a way to scale relationships without impersonal sequences

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Hey 👋 I'm Fred, the founder of Bliinx.

I started Bliinx out of frustration for the current ways to scale business relationships

😡 Use a CRM that you hate and requires tons of work. 

🤖 Use bots and impersonal generic sequences. 

😓 Work 100 hours/week... 

Relationships are the core of every business. And people shouldn't have to use bots to provide great experiences.

We created Bliinx to help customer-facing professionals engage customers based on real-time insights. Without generic automation. Directly from their tools. 

In a nutshell, our mission to make relationships human-to-human, at scale! 

- Fred Melanson, founder of Bliinx

Our team

Fred Melanson's picture

Fred Melanson

Cofounder of Bliinx

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John Espinoza

Cofounder of Bliinx

Stephane Melanson's picture

Stephane Melanson

Cofounder of Bliinx

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Claudia Guerreiro

Full Stack Developer

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Audrey-Anne Couillard

Full Stack Developer

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Pablo Rian Roque

Senior Front End Developer

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Lola 🐶

Head of Zoo Therapy

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