Real-time revenue signals that close more business

Deals, contacts and account insights delivered to you where your work. Engage when prospects are ready to engage.

Save deals before they fall through cracks.

Bliinx for Dynamics365 product visuals
Bliinx & Dynamics365

Relationship Collaboration & Visibility

Bliinx app opened from an outlook meeting - Dynamics365

Visibility for hyper-personalized touchpoints

Access Dynamics365 and LinkedIn data from emails, meetings, Slack channels & LinkedIn profiles.

Save 30 min every day looking for info.

Blindspots & Signals

Blindspot notification in Slack with Dynamics365

Never miss a revenue opportunity

Bliinx compares your deal & account data with real-time communications to notify you when it's time to engage with prospects.

No need to scan your inboxes 20 times/day or keep an excel sheet for follow-ups.

Workflow Automation

Bliinx smart sync with Dynamics365

Save 5 hrs/week with faster deal workflows

More time with customers. Fewer data entries.

Bliinx auto-detects contacts and business activities.

Log data from an email, meeting or Slack channel, in one click.

Engage with people. Build relationships.

We'll handle admin work.

Guy dropping balls on the floor

Your workflow now...

Deals fall through the cracks. You're too busy to be proactive.

You forget to follow-up. You manually log activities. Searching for deal info is a time suck. You need an assistant 😬

Guy flying with a jet pack and balls in his back pack

Your workflow with Bliinx & Dynamics Sales!

You receive smart alerts about your prospects. You can by-pass the manual work and go straight to engaging with customers.

You're on top of every deal. Your close rate increases.

You can now handle more deals because engaging with prospects is fast, personalized and centralized. 😎

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