How to efficiently follow-up  with leads after meetings

by Frederic Melanson in
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There are great tools out there to help you manage your top-of-funnel touchpoints.

But they fail you after your first meeting with a prospect.

If your business is relationship-based, sending a generic email to a prospect you recently met with will hurt the relationship. Sequences can't help you.

On the other hand, if you're meeting with a lot of prospects, you can't follow-up efficiently with all of them manually. It takes way too much time.

We've all been through it. Realized that there are a few meetings from weeks ago that have been dead silent since then.

Sometimes your prospect is simply busy and needs a great personalized follow-up from you to get things going!

Here's how you can take back an hour of your time every week and double your chances of moving the deal forward 👇

Install the Bliinx sales assistant in your calendar (install in 20 seconds here)

Install Bliinx from Outlook meeting

Right before or after your meeting, open the add-in

Bliinx add-in opened from an Outlook meeting

Click "Create follow-up" and choose when you'd like to follow-up

Bliinx schedule follow-up page

Choose from our list of templates

Bliinx follow-up templates
Bliinx Slack notification for follow-up

Modify a few things to make your touchpoint personal and timely.

Example of a follow-up email with Bliinx

Result: Response rate + chances of next meeting increase by 20%. And you saved 15 min 🤩 🚀

Sign up for Bliinx for free here 🙌

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