How to run revenue operations at a Unicorn with James Labastida from ClickUp

James Labastida is the Chief of Staff, Revenue at ClickUp, the one app to replace them all where you can manage tasks, docs, chat, goals & more. Before ClickUp, James was the VP of Revenue at GoSite.

In this convo, James drops some truth 💣 on scaling companies from early product-market-fit 🌱 to unicorn 🦄. He shares how he thinks about technology, people and revenue processes needed for hypergrowth 🚀.  

🎙️In this episode, James and Fred discuss: 

  • Product-led growth at scale. 
  • What does the funnel look like? When do sales get involved?
  • How decision-makers evaluate software to implement at big companies. 
  • Finding great people for your revenue team. 

Hope you enjoy 🔥

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