Improving the buyer experience to drive repeatable sales

with Ross Rich @Accord 

Ross Rich is the founder and CEO of Accord, the customer collaboration platform built for high-growth sales teams.

The story behind Accord is a very insightful one because Ross and his brother left Stripe and Google to build Accord😱.

Ross started the company by demoing hand-written product mock-ups 📝, and now has customers like Figma, Productboard and Okta 🚀!

🎙️In this episode, Ross and I discuss: 

  • How Accord is implementing product-led sales.
  • Using automation versus high-touch outbound.
  • Putting more power in the hands of the buyer for faster sales cycles.
  • Getting to 100 customers as an early-stage startup.
  • The startup happiness curve.

Hope you enjoy 🔥

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