Outperform others by giving before you ask with Collin Mitchell @Salescast

Collin Mitchell is the CRO at Salecast, the only fully-managed tech service offering an end-to-end thought leadership platform.

He's also the host of sales transformation, a podcast that shares stories from the best sales hustlers out there. 

Collin's story is a crazy one, full of hustle and grit 👊, and I'm really happy to get to pick his brain today 🧠.

🎙️In this energy-packed ⚡ episode, Collin and I discuss: 

  • Why podcasting is a killer sales strategy. 
  • Giving value before you ask for it, and how that's a sales superpower.
  • Personal branding for sales reps. 
  • Best modern personalization techniques. 
  • The importance of wellbeing in sales.

Hope you enjoy 🔥

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