Product-led marketing from the ground up with John Ozuysal from OptiMonk

John Ozuysal, he's the Head of Growth at Optimonk, the smarter way to increase conversions on your site.

John has been head of growth 3 times already in his career and avises tons of startups on marketing and growth.

In this 🔥 episode, John lays out the most actionable advice you get can when running marketing at a bottom-up SaaS company. Period 💣

🎙️John and Fred discuss: 

  • What to focus on when starting to build your marketing engine.  
  • Biggest mistakes made by marketers and founders. 
  • How to write content to drive early wins. 
  • Adapting your content for PLG. 
  • Using LinkedIn and personal branding. 
  • How to get traffic from communities and forums, the right way! 
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