Sales-assisted onboarding with Ramli John @ProductLed

Ramli John is the Managing Director at ProductLed, the leading community for ProductLed Growth.

He's also the author of Product-Led onboarding, a book about how to turn users into lifelong customers. 

In this convo, Ramli shares on important it is to nail onboarding as a product-led startup 🎯 and how the fastest-growing product-led companies add sales 🤝 to their onboarding process to boost conversions 🚀. 

🎙️We talked about: 

  • Product-led onboarding.
  • Biggest onboarding mistakes to avoid. 
  • Getting 3.5x times the revenue with sales-assisted onboarding.
  • How sales differs at product-led companies. 
  • How to differentiate PQLs and SQLs. 

Hope you enjoy 🔥

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