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with Blindspots

"In the first week of using Blindspots, I saved a deal from being lost!"

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Jonathan Chatel, Head of Sales at Jovaco

Sales pros are beating revenue goals with Blindspots

Get alerts on your leads' actions so you know who to engage when

Bliinx blindspot system

Bliinx makes selling easier


Higher leads-to-closed-won ratio

By intelligently engaging target accounts

Task management

Save 4 hours every week

By engaging from anywhere in your workflow.

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No more sales FOMO

We keep an eye on every relationship for you.

  • Install in seconds. Free forever. No credit card required. We don't store your data.

Go from reactive to proactive selling.

A few examples of Bliinx blindspots 👇

Email blindspot example

Meetings blindspots
LinkedIn blindspots
Deal velocity blindspot example
deal touchpoints blindspot example
ABM blindspot example
Video callout Bliinx walkthourgh

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