Productivity for your team. Insights for you.

Bliinx analyses how your teams are interacting with prospects and help them reach out to the right people at the right time.

Before Bliinx

Dropped balls because Relationship blindspots


Hours wasted managing tasks


After Bliinx

You're pinged when balls are dropping


You can follow-up in half the time


Trusted by revenue leaders

Finally, a collaborative tool that enables our teams to share contacts and interactions. A must for every people-driven organization.

Fred Boucher corporate picture

Fred Boucher

COO and CFO, Innovitech

With Bliinx, I gain insights into how my teams are interacting with clients, without them having to manually log anything.

Jonathan Tremblay corporate picture

Jonathan Tremblay

Partner, Talsom 

Bliinx AI recommendations dashboard

20% fewer dropped balls

We look for emails without replies, deals not moving, hidden opportunities, and more! Reps get notified in real-time and you gain more visibility.

Bliinx contact profile

You get the data. No busywork for reps.

From an email, meeting, Slack channel or LinkedIn profile, your reps set smart reminders and log data into the CRM.

They close more pipeline and you have the data to make revenue-generating decisions 🚀

Bliinx contact profile on the web app

Increase visibility and collaboration to uncover new business.

We catch all contacts and companies found in your communication and customer tools. Uncover insights and new opportunities.

  • Who do we know at ____?
  • Who's been interacting with the ____ deal?
  • Where are we dropping the ball?

Accelerate your business 🚀

Why would you leave opportunities on the table?

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