Your Sales Tools Work Against You. Not This One.

Bliinx is the smartest way to manage follow-ups and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Before Bliinx

Dropped balls because Relationship blindspots


Hours wasted managing tasks


After Bliinx

You're pinged when balls are dropping


You can follow-up in half the time


Bliinx AI recommendations

AI-driven actions for faster sales and fewer blind spots

Bliinx's AI analyses your emails, meetings, CRM, LinkedIn and more to help you follow-up with the right prospects at the right time.

Bliinx contact profile from meeting

No more dropped balls with follow-ups from anywhere

Set a follow-up from LinkedIn messages, emails, meetings, Slack channels and more!

Bliinx smart follow-ups

Cut manual work in half with smart follow-ups

Bliinx follow-ups sync with your tools and update themselves in real-time, based on your customer interactions.

Timeline and contacts

Deal context in 1 click. No data entries.

Bliinx automatically syncs your contacts and interactions from your tools. Better visibility leads to better decisions and more opportunities.

You don't want another tool. We know.

Bliinx installs INTO your existing tools and assists you where you work. You get more time with customers. We hate our CRM too.


What's in it for you 👇

Task management

3 hours of data entry saved/week

Say goodbye to manual follow-ups tasks and logging interactions.


Nurture 50% more deals

We remove blind spots so you can nurture more without the added work.


Bigger med/long-term pipeline

Our AI helps you uncover hidden opportunities in your network & interactions.


Fewer data siloes

Contacts and interactions in one place = productive you.


Happy bosses

Managers have quality sales data without forcing you onto your CRM.


Less mental stress

You don't have to worry about forgetting to take action. We track it for you.

Opportunities await 🚀

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