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Bliinx slack integration
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bliinx deal momentum alert in slack

Alerts when contacts need to hear from you

Bliinx analyses your customer record and communications and notifies you when deals are falling through cracks.

Bliinx in Slack notification with actions

Save 5 hrs/week with faster deal workflows

From your Slack workplace, you can:

  • Follow-up with prospects
  • Set reminders for later
  • Assign follow-ups to colleagues
  • Open contacts and deals

All in one click.

Engage with people. Build relationships.

We'll handle admin work.

Your workflow now...

You spend hours every week entering data into systems. You can barely handle all of the deals in your pipeline.

You miss out on opportunities.

Follow-ups are random, manual and scattered across your tools. What about that excel sheet with account info....?


Your workflow with Bliinx & Slack!

You receive smart alerts about your prospects. You can by-pass the manual work and go straight to engaging with customers.

You're on top of every customer relationship. You close more business.

Managing touchpoints with prospects is fast, personalized and centralized.


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